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Our next session is Saturday 28th January 2023 at Fairycroft House Saffron Walden.
Here is a youtube playlist so you can practise lyrics in advance 

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No auditions, no solos, no reading music...

Just a one-off evening of singing and socialising in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Inspired by other casual and pub choirs that were cropping up around the world, and by conversations she’d had with people who’d said things like “I’d like to join a choir but I can’t commit to weekly rehearsals” or “I’m not very good at singing but I enjoy it”, Joanna Eden offers fun, relaxed, one-off singing events with no auditions, solos or reading music.


These relaxed and jolly events are organised by 'Pop-up Pub Choir co-founder Rachel Hill. Here's what you can expect:-

Joanna Eden guides participants through popular, well-known songs, with words provided on an overhead projector so you don’t spill your drink (paper copies also available). It doesn’t matter whether you’re a member of a choir, or if you only ever sing in the shower – all are welcome!


People love to join in, especially when they’ve got a drink in their hand, and Pop Up Pub Choir seems to have tapped into a real desire that people have to sing together. With familiar songs as the social glue, the atmosphere at these events is amazing - people really seem to love to reconnect with their voices and with each other!

Watch more videos of our previous events here



“It’s like going to a gig where you’re the audience and the entertainment!”


"Pop-up Pub-choir was our best company party event!"


“I loved every minute”


“It’s like therapy!”


"It was perfect for our charity fundraising evening."


You can find us on Facebook at

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